The Power of Bilingualism

MORE than two languages

Change is not new or unique to our era. For thousands of years, Buddhism has described impermanence as a constant of our existence. But the rate of change that we are experiencing
in the third millennium is truly unprecedented. In fact, the very word “change” now seems to fall short of the dramatic shifts the world is currently experiencing, so that “disruption” has become the word of choice to describe today’s incredible economic, demographic and climatic upheavals.

At SBS we believe bilingualism is the best preparation your child can receive to thrive in a fast-changing world. Beyond the ability to speak two languages, bilingualism increases your child’s ability to reason, focus, and grasp complex problems, making it the ideal mindset to excel in an era of disruptive transformations. Scores of studies have demonstrated these benefits. For example, bilingualism allows children to sift through information more quickly and effectively, it better prepares them for a third or fourth language, and it heightens their awareness of other cultures.

At SBS, we not only immerse students in a fully bilingual environment with the best qualified international teachers, but we also practise holistic, process based learning. Rather than cram lectures into passive receptacles, our teachers aim to nurture the global citizens of tomorrow, women and men who are able to continue learning. Through teamwork, inquiry and interactive learning, your child develops their own knowledge, knowledge that is deeper and more broadly linked to the breadth of their experiences.

It is our hope that the educational approaches we develop and refine here at SBS can one day serve the country as a whole. That journey starts with your child, a holistic being equipped with bilingualism and a wide range of skills from critical thinking and leadership to creativity and information technology fluency.

With SBS, your child will have no need to fear change. Your child will be the change.


Double the Future

SBS International Bilingual Curriculum

At SBS we have done something that no other school has done.

Following the vision of Dr. Arthit Ourairat, Founder, SBS provides an education that meets international standards while maintaining an authentic Thai experience at school including Thai culture and excellent Thai first and second language programmes at all grade levels.

SBS’s Mission

“To provide bilingual education programmes which meet local and international education standards enabling students to fulfill their academic potential and develop essential life skills to become caring, honest and considerate global citizens.”

The four components of our mission are:

  • Students who are fluent in two languages
  • Students who exceed both international and local standards 
  • Students who are enabled to reach their potential
  • Students who understand their role in society and the world

To be successful in todays world, SBS believes students have to be more than just knowledgeable” - they need to have the characteristics of a lifelong learner to succeed in a rapidly changing world:  Confident in Taking Risks, Caring, Responsible, Reflective, Knowledgeable, Thoughtful, Open-minded, Principled, Communicative and Well-balanced.

SBS is an IB World School teaching the Primary Years Programmes and a Cambridge International School and Exam Centre


SBS Pathway

SBS is an IB World School, teaching the Primary Years Programme (PYP) from Kindergarten to Year 6. Our Kindergarten and Primary programmes are characterized by low teacher to student ratios, inquiry based teaching in contained classrooms in an immersion bilingual environment. Emphasis is placed on the development of learner attributes.

In Year 7, SBS begins subject based teaching with specialist expert teachers. Students move between classrooms which are designed for the subjects being taught. An emphasis is placed on building independence and responsibility for their learning.

In upper Secondary School, (Year 10 to 11), students begin their preparations for university. SBS follows the Cambridge International Schools’ syllabi for IGCSE and AS/A Level courses along with the Thai Ministry of Education (MOE) curriculum requirements. All our students meet the Thai ministry of education requirements whilst meeting International standards.
SBS students meet and exceed Thai national university requirements while also meeting international university requirements.

Primary Years Programme (Kindergarten to Year 6)

Constructing Skills, Knowledge and Understanding 

Have you noticed that when you “figure something out for yourself” you remember it better than if someone else just tells you? At SBS we understand this and have built our KG and Primary School curriculum following a constructivist, inquiry based approach to learning.

SBS is an IB World School teaching the Primary Years Programme. At SBS, we encourage children through guided inquiry, enabling children to develop their own understanding and knowledge of the world through their experiences and by reflecting upon those experiences. Children learn how the world fits together - what the connections are.

Through SBS’s unique guided Units of Inquiry, the children learn English, Thai, Science, Social Studies and Mathematics in a connected manner around transdisciplinary themes. In this way, the curriculum is built to meet the standards of international and Thai curricula ensuring that SBS students have a strong foundation of skills, languages, habits and knowledge to begin Secondary School.


Going Deeper

Cambridge Lower Secondary (Year 7-9) 

SBS Lower Secondary builds on the broad connected foundation established in Primary School allowing students in these transition years to begin to delve deeper into their studies. The level of responsibility increases as the children grow into young adults. Students are no longer in contained classrooms but move from class to class - immersed in their subject areas with specialist teachers, classrooms, laboratories and materials. SBS courses follow Cambridge lower secondary curricula and meet all Thai Ministry of Education (MOE) requirements.

In lower secondary students refine their knowledge of their strengths and interestsIn preparation for upper secondary, students are guided by an experienced counseling teacher in making choices for IGCSE and pre-university courses

I am an expert

Cambridge Upper Secondary (Year 10-13) University and beyond 

In upper Secondary School, (Year 10 to 13), students begin their preparations for university. SBS follows the Cambridge International Schools’ syllabi for IGCSE and AS/A Level courses along with the Thai Ministry of Education (MOE) curriculum requirements. All students meet Thai MOE and University requirements.

Students are guided through the process of course selection in view of their university aspirations by the school’s guidance programme, which helps students through the university application process.

For Year 12 and 13, SBS students may choose 3 A/AS Level Subjects corresponding to their expected university plans. Graduates are able to apply to the best international programmes in Thailand and overseas, while Thai nationals graduate with the language skills necessary to enter Thai national university programmes.

SBS programmes meet and exceed all of the Thai MOE requirements and Cambridge International Standards

Student Support Programmes and Services

English Additional Language and Thai Additional Language

We believe all students can achieve their full potential with some timely additional support. Including helping each student develop the language and study skills that you will need to succeed in the Cambridge Programme and in your future career. SBS offers Academic Language Support Services for

  • English Language Learners (English Support Services), 
  • Thai Language Learners (Thai as an Additional Language) and

We offer a range of support designed for students who are non-native speakers of English or Thai.

Extra-curricular Activities (ECAs)

SBS’s focus is on Holistic Development that reflects the education of the whole child.
We emphasize holistic education of our students not just through an academic curriculum but beyond the confines of the classroom. One of the best ways SBS supports students with holistic development is by the assortment of extra-curricular activities we offer; we encourage students to participate in ECAs that meet their interests and needs.

SBS ECAs develop and build up student’s academic/leadership skills, provides service learning opportunities, strengthen academic, fine/performing arts and athletics skills.

A glimpse at SBS Extra-curricular Activities:

SBS extracurricular activities covers a wide range of programmes that will help develop and nurture students to become confident, responsible, reflective, innovative, and engaged.

The activities include Maths, Science, ICT, Debate, IELTS / TOEFL / SAT Prep.
Arts: Music, Drama, Visual Arts
Athletics: Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Badminton
Service Learning: Community Service
Eco-Green Team
Journalism: School Newspaper
STEM Makerspace

Boarding facilities and boarding life

Dormitory boarding offers students a friendly and safe family type environment with separate accommodations for male and female students.  Wifi, 24 hour security, breakfast, lunch and dinner at the school canteen are provided. Students can take advantage of evening tutorial classes provided.

Student shuttle vans

Satit Bilingual School of Rangsit University (SBS) provide the shuttle service for our students. We are currently providing 5 routes of shuttle services


Our Strengths

1.Cambridge Exam Centre


Cambridge IGCSE is widely recognised by higher education institutions and employers around the world as evidence of academic achievement. Many universities require a combination of Cambridge IGCSE’s and A/AS levels as one way to meet their entry requirements.

2.Cambridge Professional Development (PDQ):

continuous training and professional development of our teachers.

3.SAT Centre

SBS supports students in their journey beyond secondary school. We are a test centre for the standardized SAT Assessments widely used for college admissions in the United States.

4.Path to top universities

SBS meets Thailand’s academic standards, develops bilingual students and follows the curriculum content for Cambridge’s IGCSE. This approach allows your child to pursue a bright future in Thailand’s top national universities or attend a leading university abroad.

Beyond SBS, bilingualism and experiential learning remain the best guarantee your child won’t just get into the right school, they will also thrive in their university education and beyond.

5.SBS Alumni:

Successful outcome to their dream university destinations

6.Other services:

visa for student and family


Satit Rangsit. Double the Future.

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