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Shirley Evelyn Poole


Kindergarten is probably the most important part of a child’s educational life. I say this because the experiences of students in the Kindergarten environment will affect their outlook and attitude to learning throughout their school life, and beyond. Our objective at SBS is to create and nurture a lifelong love of learning, starting with the Kindergarten and going on throughout the school and into university.

At SBS Kindergarten our aim is to offer a caring environment where students feel safe and secure. We challenge them in all areas of the curriculum to experiment and try rather than just providing them with the information.

Our staff are trained to work with “early years” students and understand the needs of both the students and the parents when creating a relaxed but disciplined classroom environment. My door is always open to parents who want to discuss concerns or ideas on how we can improve. We hold regular “afternoon tea” sessions for the school and parents to interact on topics of development or concern.

Teaching method & philosophy – constructivism

When SBS Kindergarten opened more than 10 years ago, it was decided that the school would adopt a different approach to learning that in most traditional Thai schools. Constructivism is a concept within education which taps into children’s innate curiosity and desire to learn. Through it we give the students the confidence to question and take risks to insure the learning experience is of value.

Read more about the constructivism approach to learning by clicking this link. (link to constructivism page)

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