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Learning begins at birth, but a sole focus on early literacy doesn’t guarantee better academic outcomes. Instead, what matters most at this point in your child’s development is bilingualism and becoming a happy learner.
At SBS, that means no force feeding of knowledge. This is the age when key emotional and psychological construction is taking place. Your child’s holistic growth is what we focus on.


We achieve holistic development using the constructivist teaching methodology, which privileges learning through hands-on activities allowing students to build their own knowledge. Little ones may have short attention spans, but their curiosity is boundless. Through a wide range of interactive projects, we ensure our kindergarten students remain constantly stimulated.

Teaching pre-schoolers is therefore approached through themes, rather than subjects. For example, a cooking class could turn into an exploration of biology and basic mathematical awareness, while also developing essential socialization skills such as working with others and following instructions.


“Bilingual kids pick up languages more quickly and easily. My children speak Thai and English fluently and they are also bicultural. Now they’re starting to study Chinese and they’re picking it up effortlessly.“

Dr. Thitipong Nandhabiwat, father of Dhubdheb, 8, and Bandheb, 3


“Bilingualism’s benefits start at a very young age, helping children develop stronger thinking skills, better self-control and improved performance at tasks that require focus, remembering and making decisions.”

Apiramon Ourairat, Ed.D, Chief Executive Officer

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